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The Resto Point of Sale program is the best tool to organize your restaurant. It is easy, fast and reliable; it will significantly increase your productivity. This software offers a logical and intuitive method
that reduces the chances of error which will result in a better service to the customer and thus in the satisfaction of your customers.
Characteristics:  Billing and sales at the counter Table service Multi location Multi Room Plan Express Billing Delivery Management Link with bar / beverage system Printer in the bar and kitchen 
Automatic tax calculation Management of tips And more...
Point of sale

With the built-in point of sale module it is easy to follow the booking until the final billing.
  • Interface with bar code reader, coupon printer, magnetic card reader and RFID
  • Multiple payment
  • Payment by loyalty point
  • Payment by card and gift voucher
  • Follow-up of free of charge
  • Management of discounts
  • Management of tips
  • Management of commissions
  • Inventory management
  • Hotel Interface
  • and much more...

Client management

Complete management of the client file, which allows an excellent follow-up and professional approach.
  • Contact information
  • Encrypted credit card
  • Historic
  • Subscription Management
  • CRM File Tracking
  • Notes to file
  • Membership Management
  • Tablet meal balance
  • Loyalty
  • Price List
  • Management of access cards
  • And much more...

  • Supplier order management
  • Sales order management
  • Printing labels
  • Management of matrix sizes and colors
  • Bar code management
  • Customs management
  • Layout Management
  • Physical inventory
  • Price List Management
  • Promotion management
  • Mixed and Match Management
  • and much more...
Reports and analysis

All transactions and reservations at your fingertips! View, print and analyze your reports as you see fit, transactions and booking are up to date automatically and ready to be analyzed.
  • Renewal Report
  • Birthday Report
  • End of Contract Report
  • A multitude of analysis report
  • exportable to Excel .csv file
  • Email Marketing Report
  • Interface with mail chimp and other
  • Drill down in the report
  • Transfer report to different accounting software, Sage, Acomba and more
  • And more...
Gift cards

  • Possibility to buy online
  • Customize your cards
  • Email Confirmation
  • Trading and balance tracking
  • Possibility of increasing the balance
  • And more...
Gift certificates
  • Management by number
  • History of certificates
  • Customize your checks
  • Trading and balance tracking
  • Ability to transfer
  • And more...

Timestamp and schedule management

Using the computerized timestamp, over is the use of time cards, over the additions of time
 associated with time cards, transcription errors and lost time for corrections. Simple and effective
 solution for time management of your employees. Simply structure the schedule for the week
 and the weeks to come. The staff logs their inputs and outputs on a terminal by a touch of the
 touch keypad, RFID card, fingerprint (biometric) or a combination of the three technologies
 and the software compiles the data.

Multi-location software
  • Web management
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Management of shifts by department or employee
  • Management of premiums
  • Shift Management
  • Scheduling Supervisor Management
  • Ringtone Management
  • Message Management
  • Data compiled in real time
  • List of employees in and out
  • Time Management
  • Management of meal times Rounding to 15 minute
  • Time Bank Management
  • Management according to opening and closing times
  • Managing holidays
  • Adjustment of hours worked according to schedule
  • Transfer to Accounting Software Transfer in Xl and CSV format Desjardins
  • Transfer Additional module for project management
  • And more…


  • Printing of the schedules
  • Analysis report
  • Planned hours vs. hours worked per employee
  • Etc…
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