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Do it in minutes instead of hours and days!

Computerized time clock 

The computerized time clock revolutionizes employee time management by eliminating the need for traditional time cards and manual calculations. This simple and effective solution streamlines the process, reducing transcription errors and saving valuable time on corrections.

Here's how it works: Administrators structure the weekly schedule and plan ahead for future weeks. Employees then register their entries and exits using a terminal equipped with touchpad, RFID card, fingerprint (biometrics), or a combination of these technologies. The software automatically compiles the data, providing accurate and reliable records of employee attendance.

With this system in place, businesses can ensure compliance with labor regulations, accurately track employee hours, and optimize workforce management with ease.

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Project management

Experience unparalleled project management capabilities with our software:

Unlimited Project Management: Scale your project portfolio without constraints, managing an unlimited number of projects with ease.

Management of Sub-Projects: Break down complex projects into manageable sub-projects, allowing for better organization and control.

Task Management: Efficiently track tasks and assignments within each project, ensuring deadlines are met and progress is monitored effectively.

Department Management: Streamline collaboration by organizing projects and tasks according to departments, facilitating seamless communication and coordination.

And that's just the beginning—our software offers a myriad of additional features and functionalities to empower your team and drive project success.
  1. Web Management: Access and manage your system from anywhere via the web.
  2. Unlimited Number of Employees: Scale your workforce without limitations.
  3. Shift Management: Organize shifts by department or individual employee.
  4. Premium Management: Advanced features for enhanced control and customization.
  5. Schedule Management: Plan and adjust schedules efficiently.
  6. Supervisor Management: Assign supervisory roles and responsibilities.
  7. Ringtone Management: Customize alerts and notifications.
  8. Message Management: Communicate important information to employees.
  9. Real-Time Data Compilation: Access up-to-date information instantly.
  10. Employee Attendance Tracking: Monitor incoming and outgoing employees.
  11. Break and Meal Time Management: Ensure compliance with break and meal regulations.
  12. Borough Every 15 Minutes: Precise time tracking intervals.
  13. Time Bank Management: Manage employee time-off accruals and usage.
  14. Management According to Opening and Closing Hours: Align scheduling with business hours.
  15. Holiday Management: Handle holiday scheduling and pay.
  16. Adjustment of Hours Worked: Automatically adjust hours based on schedules.
  17. Integration with Accounting Software: Seamless transfer of data to accounting systems.
  18. Export Formats: Transfer data in XL, CSV, or Desjardins format.
  19. Integration with Acomba and Sage: Sync data with popular accounting software.
Additional Module for Project Management: Extend functionality with project management features.
With these capabilities and more, our software provides a comprehensive solution for efficient workforce management across multiple locations and stations.

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