The Resto point-of-sale program stands out as the premier tool for organizing your restaurant operations. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, it streamlines tasks, enhancing productivity significantly.

This software boasts a logical and intuitive approach, minimizing the likelihood of errors and ensuring smoother operations. As a result, you can provide better customer service, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

  1. Invoicing and Counter Sales: Our system simplifies both invoicing and counter sales processes, ensuring seamless transactions whether your customers dine in or take out.
  2. Table Service: With intuitive table service features, you can efficiently manage orders, track tables, and provide exceptional service to your guests.
  3. Multi-location: Our software supports multiple locations, allowing you to manage all your restaurant branches from a single platform with ease.
  4. Multi-seating Plan: Easily manage different seating plans to accommodate various dining areas and layouts within your restaurant.
  5. Express Billing: Streamline the checkout process with our express billing feature, enabling swift and hassle-free payments for your customers.
  6. Delivery Management: Efficiently manage delivery orders and track deliveries in real-time to ensure timely and accurate service.
  7. Link with Bar/Drink System: Seamlessly integrate with your bar and drink system to coordinate orders and inventory management for beverages.
  8. Printer in Bar and Kitchen: Improve communication and efficiency between the kitchen and bar with dedicated printers for each area, ensuring orders are prepared promptly and accurately.
  9. Automatic Tax Calculation: Our system automatically calculates taxes, reducing errors and saving time during billing and reporting processes.
  10. Tip Management: Easily manage tips and gratuities with built-in tools for tracking, reporting, and distributing tips among your staff members.

Self service

PremiceSoft's innovative ordering system offers a modern solution for streamlined service, enhancing efficiency and minimizing wait times. Customers will enjoy the ease, speed, and straightforwardness of placing orders, while restaurant owners will experience boosted profitability, shorter queues, higher transaction volumes, and fewer errors, all contributing to increased revenue.

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Our system is a breeze to set up, ensuring hassle-free configuration. Seamlessly integrated with your existing restaurant software, it facilitates smooth communication between front and back-of-house operations. With automated kitchen order printing and convenient counter reprint options, your workflow remains efficient and organized. Plus, it effortlessly manages accompaniments, ensuring each order is complete and accurate.

And that's not all—our system is compatible with credit card terminals, enabling seamless transactions. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to pay with prepaid cards, offering convenience and flexibility. With our comprehensive solution, your restaurant operates with maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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