About Us

Since 1997, we have offered our clients fully integrated software, ranging from POS solutions to custom terminal integrations. Our experience, expertise, and excellent customer service have earned us the loyalty of our clientele.

PremiceSoft develops, markets, installs and supports a unique range of totally integrated software that meets the needs of businesses just like yours. Consistent focus on our clients’ needs and responsiveness to their feedback has been our approach since 1997. The result is that you get simple to learn and to use, affordable software that truly addresses your requirements in an extremely reliable manner.

Are you looking for a solution for one or several locations linked to a single database? PremiceSoft, can develop what you need to let you manage all aspects of your operations while doing away with multiple interfaces and all redundancies. We’ll help your business operate profitably, with the least possible amount of effort.


Our team is ready to help you reach your business goals. We’d love to hear your ideas!