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A solution adapted to all sectors of activity thanks to its customization. To meet all the requirements, this system does not need to constantly connect to the central database. With portable terminals, operating locally or remotely depending on the situation, all communication standards can be used: internet, intranet and in synchronization. The devices synchronize via a direct connection, Wi- Fi, local network or simply by an encrypted file via a USB key. Scalable system performance at will for an architecture without limits and with the protection of data thanks to the use of SQL databases and the management of centralized applications.
Technical sheet

  • Interface based on a .NET application,
  • Independent user setup
  • Choice of languages ​​at login
  • Data traceability
  • Unlimited TCP/IP communication structure
  • Real-time communication with connected terminals thanks to the multitasking function
  • Communication via modem, Bluetooth, Wi- Fi, local network and Cloud.
  • Editing of the main operations on printer, screen, in Excel, in PDF or HTML format or by email
  • Unlimited multi-user function *
  • Complete customer management
  • Management of several companies, or project numbers
  • Unlimited number of passwords and user groups* with differentiation of rights (delete / modify / create)
  • Event history
  • Management and automatic generation of Barcodes
  • Extensive employee database, departments and personal data
  • Unlimited departments
  • Different access rights depending on entry or exit
  • Control of door status tables
  • Unlimited zone management
  • Entry and exit counter
  • Standard Internet communication with the TCP/IP protocol.
  • Functionality available on each station from the network

Access control software
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