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Discover the benefits of the meal card! Ecological and sustainable, the meal card offers the same advantages as a student card… The advantages of a payment card and more! Easy to order, the meal card benefits from optimized logistics. You will save on administration costs. Practical and secure, it guarantees your customers a peaceful meal break!

Track your balance! At any time with the web portal option, your customers will be able to check their card balance and account movements by visiting your respective website or directly at the point of sale. Your customers have the option of increasing the number of meals as needed by visiting your website and making payment online.

The system can also generate a barcode or assign an RFID or magnetic card to uniquely identify the meal card.

pos hardware
Different mode of identification
Compatible with the following software
Point of sale fast food and at the tables
Point of sale shop
Grocery sales bridge
Link with Acomba and Sage 50 accounting software

A turnkey card
The card can be used upon receipt. No action to take, the establishment supplies the account directly.

Card Balance
The meal card can manage both the meals per day and/or the amount of money to spend per day, your customer can at any time via the web portal adjust the minimum limit on the card and as soon as this limit is reached then the customer will receive an email warning, you can also configure that the balance appear on the receipt.

Most advanced technologies
The meal card is adaptable. The PremiceSoft database has been structured in such a way as to allow the addition of other modules necessary for the specific operations of any organization. The database serves as the central point for all enterprise applications.

Accounts Receivable or Accounts Receivable option
The Accounts Receivable section groups the invoices charged to the account. When paying, a customer can request that their invoice be transferred to their customer account. He can therefore pay it later with the method of his choice: cash, debit, VISA, MasterCard, gift card, check, etc. The customer can also make payments to the account without an invoice being transferred there. It is said that he then has a credit on his account.

Simplified payments
With the card, your customers can pay for meals like with any bank card. You can pay the exact amount of the packages, and even pay on the internet.
In the configuration of the management software, you have the possibility of configuring the number of passages per day and the amounts to be deducted both for example for meals and snacks.

A secure account
Your card balance is protected. In the event of loss or theft, your card is blocked and replaced immediately.

Reports and statistics
• Reports of sales and products sold
• Subscription expiration reports
• Visitor statistics
• Export to CSV and print search results

Configuration and general functions
• Regular Mode and Training Mode
• User guide and procedures manual provided

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