"The Caterer: Your Comprehensive Event Management Solution


Experience the pinnacle of organizational efficiency with The Caterer. Offering a visual snapshot of your availabilities, effortless order placement, and seamless operation initiation with just a click. This indispensable tool ensures error prevention, eliminates scheduling conflicts, and generates insightful reports. Accessible from multiple workstations and boasting unparalleled user-friendliness, The Caterer is your key to maximizing revenue, delivering efficiency, and embracing flexibility."

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Efficiently Manage Every Aspect of Your Catering Business

Experience the epitome of catering excellence with our comprehensive solution. From seamless order taking to streamlined production management and efficient delivery management, every aspect of your operation is meticulously handled.

Craft personalized contracts with flexible pricing options, while our special request menu creation ensures every client's unique needs are met with finesse. Manage beverages effortlessly with our package-based system, complemented by comprehensive food management tools.

Optimize workforce efficiency with employee management by departments, and ensure equipment accountability with detailed tracking and management features. Seamlessly link all aspects of your operation, from menu customization to installation type management by event.

Tailor event experiences with event type management by establishment, and effortlessly generate beverage shopping lists and equipment rental lists. Foster internal communication through our intuitive email system, while maintaining strict employee security levels.

With diverse report generation capabilities, gain invaluable insights into your business performance. Elevate your catering operation to new heights with our all-encompassing solution.

And much more... Simplify your operations, maximize efficiency, and exceed expectations with The Caterer."

Order management

Our order taking feature empowers you to efficiently manage every detail, from customer to invoice. Easily handle contacts with multiple delivery addresses, while seamlessly organizing event dates and times. With precise control over expected delivery times and assignment of delivery personnel, ensure flawless execution of every order.

Keep track of seller information, event locations, and pertinent notes, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Simplify your operations and elevate customer satisfaction with our comprehensive order taking capabilities.

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With our order tracking feature, you have the flexibility to indicate the readiness for production, streamlining your workflow. Identify production quantities and dates, facilitating efficient work planning. Once initiated, the software seamlessly sends orders to each production station with unique tracking numbers.

Designed for precision, our software automatically notifies the production manager of any order changes, ensuring smooth operations and timely adjustments. Simplify your production process and enhance productivity with our intuitive software solution.

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Delivery module

Our delivery module provides a comprehensive timetable displaying all scheduled deliveries. Easily view orders to be delivered, complete with addresses and assigned recipients, conveniently sorted by region code for efficient routing.

With our software, printing necessary delivery documents is effortless, ensuring nothing is overlooked and deliveries are executed seamlessly. Simplify your delivery logistics and enhance customer satisfaction with our intuitive delivery management solution.

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