Gym management

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This program was designed to revolutionize your fitness center management. With comprehensive features, including member management with customizable membership cards featuring barcodes and access control, a robust point-of-sale system, invoicing capabilities, and seamless integration with our Centralized Client for unparalleled marketing follow-up. Simplify your operations and elevate your customer experience with ease."


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Membership management

Membership management allows you to handle a multitude of information, along with an advanced reporting system.
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online booking

Our software offers full integration, allowing seamless compatibility with your existing systems. You have the flexibility to book appointments based on member types according to your configuration. 
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Reports and analysis

Seamless Transactions and Reservations at Your Fingertips! Instant Access, Easy Analysis: View, Print, and Analyze Your Reports on Demand. With Automatic Updates, Your Transactions and Reservations are Always Ready for Analysis.
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Point of sale boutique

Effortless Transactions, Enhanced Fitness: Elevate Your Gym Experience with Our Point of Sale Solution"

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Program management

Allows you to manage personalized programs for your customers, example personalized program in 10 visits, each visit will be deducted from the customer's program.
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E-commerce platforms provide businesses with the tools they need to set up and manage their online storefronts, including customizable website templates, secure payment gateways, inventory management systems, and marketing tools to attract and retain customers.
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Point of sale restaurant

The Resto point of sale program is the best tool to organize your restaurant. It is easy, fast and reliable; it will allow you to considerably increase your productivity.
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Gift cards

Gift cards offer the perfect solution for any occasion, providing recipients with the freedom to choose their own perfect gift. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or special celebration, gift cards are a versatile and thoughtful option that ensures the recipient gets exactly what they want.

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