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Whether using the keyboard, touch screen or mouse, with the help of Shop Point of Sale the user can quickly complete billing and counter sales.

  • Invoicing and counter sales
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • Unlimited number of lines on invoice
  • Printing of cash register receipts and invoices
  • Personalized cash register receipts
  • Management of products, product cost and customers
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Management of customer discounts
  • Tax management
  • Invoice archival
  • Reprinting invoices
  • Print preview
  • Printing of account statements
  •  And more…


Using the Inventory Software lets you do more than simply keep track of stock on hand. Among other features, you can add segments to product codes, for example, that allow managing by individual color, model, or size, etc. You get reports of unequalled precision and avoid inventory build-ups.

The software also makes it possible to identify several suppliers for the same products, to include a profile (with a picture, link to an internet site, etc.) in every stock sheet and to produce hundreds of label types from included templates.

  •  Unlimited number of products
  • Profit margin per invoice and/or supplier
  • Supplier profile (photo, internet link, etc.) integrated with the stock sheet
  • Multi-level pricing
  • Sales journal  with quantities sold per period
  • Produces “stock” labels in infinite formats
  • Two product descriptions (e.g. French/English)
  • Management of orders to suppliers and from customers
  • Management of rush orders received
  • Management of internal and supplier bar codes
  • Bar code printing
  • Management of replacement products
  • Product adjustment and history of modifications
  • Link to general ledger
  • Management of restrictions
  • And more…