PremiceSoft Pos Cloud & reservation option

"With our system, simplify your life!"

Simplify your life

"PremiceSoft-Cloud adds that perfect finishing touch to your business, swiftly evolving into your most reliable daily companion. With just a few clicks, it efficiently records your tickets and completes customer transactions.

Monitor and assess your operations in real-time through your management dashboard, effortlessly export your financial data, and seamlessly forward them via email to your accountant.

Bid farewell to extensive training sessions. With our product creation assistant, your cash register is up and running in just an hour, and you'll be proficient in its operation.

Our Features


Spend less time on a complicated cash register, and you'll have more time to assist your customers and drive additional sales.

Customers appreciate the quick service and the efficiency of your team during checkout.

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer!

Time saving

Save time in every aspect. Access all your products effortlessly, simplify the ordering process, and streamline your transactions.

Also, save time on your accounting exports; everything is prepared, and with just one click, everything prints, providing your accountant with direct access!


PremiceSoft Cloud offers the opportunity to turn your Android smartphone or tablet into an authentic cash register! It's as easy as downloading the app directly from the Google Play Store and setting up your account in a matter of minutes.

User-friendly solutions

Efficient and user-friendly solutions designed to streamline the management of your restaurant or retail establishment. Covering everything from Point of Sale and CRM to Loyalty Marketing and Time & Attendance, along with real-time reporting and Sales Analytics, our tools empower you to effectively oversee every aspect of your business operations.

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Online integration

Pos Cloud is committed to supporting your entire business journey, offering more than just a Point of Sale system. With in-store POS solutions, seamless online integration, and access to reports and analytics from any device, our cloud-based web portal and mobile apps empower you to manage your business with flexibility and convenience. Choose from a range of applications and certified hardware options to tailor the perfect solution for your specific needs. Plus, our scalable platform ensures that as your business expands, your POS solution grows with you, transforming your store into a comprehensive omnichannel solution with capabilities for in-store, eCommerce, and on-the-go selling.

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In-Store POS Solutions

Elevate your retail and restaurant sales experience with our comprehensive POS solutions, designed to effortlessly manage transactions while enhancing your customers' in-store interactions. With retailcloud, seamlessly synchronize all your products and effortlessly launch your integrated eCommerce store with just a few clicks. Whether you're in retail or restaurant business, our platform provides the tools you need to streamline operations and offer a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

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Experience the power of cloud-based Restaurant POS software tailored to meet the demands of modern dining establishments. Easily manage take-away, delivery, and online orders with seamless order management, while keeping track of inventory and gaining valuable insights through analytics. Our intuitive platform empowers you to efficiently handle every aspect of your restaurant's operations, ensuring smooth workflows and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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Reservation Cloud

Empower your business with intelligent automations that optimize the entire client experience, from booking to checkout, while supercharging your team's productivity. By leveraging automation, you can significantly reduce overhead costs, eliminate frustration, minimize errors, and reclaim valuable time in your day. With streamlined processes in place, your business can operate more efficiently and deliver exceptional service that keeps your clients coming back for more.

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Pos & Reservation-Cloud finally done right

Escape the limitations of outdated legacy systems and embrace the freedom of intuitive software you can trust. Our platform is rated #1 for Ease of Use and User Satisfaction, offering modern features, a fast and beautiful interface, and top-notch customer support. With our solution, you can accomplish more while expending less mental effort. Make the switch today and experience the difference firsthand.

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