Carefree Meals: Your Comprehensive Meal Card Management Solution

Nourish Your Day, Seamlessly Managed with Our Meal Cards

Experience the convenience

Experience the convenience and sustainability of the meal card! Offering ecological benefits and sustainability, the meal card provides the same advantages as a student card, along with additional perks. Easily ordered with optimized logistics, the meal card saves on administration costs while ensuring a smooth and secure dining experience for your customers.

With the web portal option, customers can track their balance and account movements at any time, whether through your website or directly at the point of sale. They also have the flexibility to add more meals as needed via your website, facilitating online payments for added convenience.

Moreover, the system offers multiple identification options such as barcodes, RFID, or magnetic cards, ensuring each meal card is uniquely identified for seamless usage.

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Compatible with the following software

Our comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) system caters to various facets of your business, including fast food counter service, tableside ordering, retail shop transactions, and grocery sales. Seamlessly manage transactions in both fast-paced and table service environments, ensuring efficient service and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, our system features a grocery sales bridge, allowing you to streamline operations and manage grocery sales with ease.

Integration with popular accounting software such as Acomba and Sage 50 enables seamless synchronization of financial data, simplifying your accounting processes and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

With our versatile POS solution, you can enhance operational efficiency and deliver exceptional service across all aspects of your business.

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A turnkey card

The meal card offers effortless usability from the moment it's received. There's no need for any additional action—once the card is provided, it's ready for immediate use. The establishment automatically credits the card's account, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers. With seamless integration and automatic account setup, customers can enjoy their meals without any delays or complications.

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Card Balance

The meal card offers flexible management options, allowing customers to control either the number of meals per day or the amount of money to spend per day. Through the web portal, customers can easily adjust the minimum limit on the card to suit their preferences. Once this limit is reached, customers receive an email warning, ensuring they stay informed about their card balance.

Furthermore, you can configure the system to display the card balance on receipts, providing customers with real-time information about their account status with each transaction. This transparency enhances the customer experience and promotes responsible spending.

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Most advanced technologies

The meal card system is highly adaptable to suit the unique needs of any organization. Built on the flexible PremiceSoft database structure, it can easily accommodate additional modules tailored to specific operational requirements. This versatility ensures that the database serves as the central hub for all enterprise applications, providing a unified platform for seamless integration and streamlined operations across the organization. Whether it's adding new functionalities or customizing existing ones, the PremiceSoft database empowers organizations to optimize their processes and adapt to evolving business needs effectively.

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Accounts Receivable 

The Accounts Receivable section efficiently manages invoices associated with customer accounts. When making a payment, customers have the option to transfer their invoice to their customer account, allowing them to settle it later using their preferred payment method: cash, debit, VISA, MasterCard, gift card, check, and more. This flexibility empowers customers to manage their payments according to their financial preferences and schedule.

Additionally, customers can make payments directly to their account without transferring an invoice, resulting in a credit balance. This credit balance can be utilized for future purchases or transactions, providing customers with greater flexibility and convenience in managing their accounts.

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Simplified payments

The meal card offers customers the convenience of paying for meals just like they would with any bank card. Whether they're making purchases in person or online, customers can use the meal card to pay the exact amount for their meals or packages.

Within the management software configuration, administrators have the flexibility to set parameters such as the number of times the card can be used per day and the specific amounts to be deducted for various items such as meals and snacks. This level of customization allows businesses to tailor the meal card system to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

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