Technical Support

This page grants you access to our most efficient remote assistance solution! INITIATE SUPPORT with TeamViewer!

Our live support service serves as a real-time supplement to your technical support program, enabling you to swiftly and securely receive guidance on your software's functionality.

Through establishing a connection to your computer while engaging in a phone conversation, a certified PremiceSoft technician can effortlessly diagnose the root causes of your issue and offer a concise explanation of the solution.

Live support provides the following advantages:

* Time and cost savings
* Streamlined file sharing
* Elimination of the need for an onsite technician visit
* Tailored training on specific software features
* Plus numerous additional benefits!
* To access live support, you must first be connected online with a PremiceSoft technician. If you're not currently connected, please reach out to us via        phone immediately. Tel. (514) 696 1105

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