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The Resto point of sale program is the best tool to organize your restaurant. It is easy, fast and reliable; it will allow you to considerably increase your productivity. This software offers a logical and intuitive method that reduces the chances of error, which will result in better customer service and therefore in the satisfaction of your customers.


Invoicing and counter sales
Table service
Multi location
Multi seating plan
Express Billing
Delivery management
Link with bar/drink system
Printer in bar and kitchen
Automatic tax calculation
Tip management
And more...
Now available !

PremiceSoft's automatic, self-contained ordering system provides a simple, contemporary approach to efficient service while speeding up the ordering process and reducing queues. Your customers will appreciate the convenience, speed and simplicity of order taking, while restaurateurs benefit from significantly improved profitability, reduced queues, increased transaction amounts and reduced ordering errors which contribute to increased profits.

  • Easy to configure
  • Link with our restoration software
  • Kitchen order printing
  • Counter reprint
  • Management of accompaniments
  • Compatible with credit card terminals
  • Possibility of payment with prepaid card
Kiok order
Point of sale

  • Touch screen
  • Seating plan
  • Table management
  • Quick billing
  • windows tablet
  • Interface with coupon printer, magnetic card reader and RFID
  • Multiple payment
  • Payment by loyalty point
  • Payment by card and gift voucher
  • Freebies follow-up
  • Discount management
  • Tip management
  • Commission management
  • Inventory management
  • Hotel interface
  • and much more...

Customer management

Complete management of the client file, which allows an excellent follow-up and professional approach,

  • Customer details
  • Encrypted credit card
  • Historical
  • Subscription management
  • CRM file follow-up
  • Notes to file
  • Member management
  • Loyalty
  • Customer price list
  • Access card management
  • and much more...


  • Management of supplier orders
  • Label printing
  • Revenue management
  • Bar code management
  • Cost management
  • Physical inventory
  • Price list management
  • Promotion management
  • Management of mixed and match
  • and much more...

Reports and analysis

  • End of day report
  • Stocktaking report
  • A multitude of analysis reports
  • exportable as an Excel .csv file
  • Email report for marketing
  • Interface with mail chimp and others
  • Drill down in reports
  • Transfer report to different accounting software, Sage, Acomba and more
  • And more...
Resto point of sale
Costumer folder
inventory management
Gift cards management
Gift certificate
Clock punch
Gift card

  • Possibility to buy online
  • Customize your cards
  • Confirmation by email
  • Transaction and balance tracking
  • Possibility to increase the balance
  • And more...
Gift certificates

  • Management by number
  • Certificate history
  • Personalize your checks
  • Transaction and balance tracking
  • Possibility to transfer
  • And more...

  • Time clock and schedule management

    With the help of the computerized time clock, no more using time cards, no more additions of hours associated with time cards, transcription errors and loss of time for corrections. Simple and effective solution for the time management of your employees. All you have to do is structure the schedule for the week and the weeks to come. Staff register their entries and exits on a terminal with a simple touch of the touchpad , on an RFID card, fingerprint (biometrics) or a combination of the three technologies and the software compiles the data.

    Multi-station and multi-location software
    • web management
    • Unlimited number of employees
    • Management of shifts by department or by employee
    • Premium management
    • Shift management
    • Schedule management
    • Supervisor management
    • Ringtone management
    • Message management
    • Data compiled in real time
    • List of incoming and outgoing employees
    • Break time management
    • Meal time management
    • Borough every 15 minutes
    • Time bank management
    • Management according to opening and closing hours
    • Holiday management
    • Adjustment of hours worked according to the schedule
    • Transfer to accounting software
    • Transfer in XL and CSV format
    • Desjardins transfer
    • Additional module for project management
    • And more…


    • Printing of schedules
    • Analysis reports
    • Planned hours vs worked hours per employee
    • Etc…
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