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Manage your reservations online
Including invoicing

web booking software
Appointment booking cloud application
and invoicing developed for your business
Point of sale & invoicing
  • Product management
  • Format management
  • Quantity management
  • Billing
  • Integrated with reservations
  • Integrated online store
  • Payment module
  • Recurring payment
  • Gift certificate
  • Loyalty points
  • Online Store
  • online booking
  • Professional booking
  • Class reservation
  • Recurring booking
  • Location Reservation
  • Customer management
  • cloud calendar
  • Payment module
  • Integrates with your website
Spa salon software
From booking and marketing to retail and reporting, PremiceSoft provides you with the tools you need to grow your business.
Our job is to simplify and facilitate your daily operations, allowing you to focus on what is really important, taking care of your customers.
Your customers can
book instantly.

Accessible at all times
the module is directly linked
with your booking module,
customers can book the resources
and services according to availability.


No parameters required
Available according to your criteria
24 hours 7 days
It's great, PremiceSoft allowed me to expand my clientele simply with the online booking tool and confirmation by SMS and email, I now have the possibility of billing the client directly which allows me to save a lot management time.
- Julie Turcotte, Hairdresser at home
“The online reservations provides has become an essential tool for us. It was quick to launch and integrate with our website, and has streamlined our appointment process.”
-Jill Sinclair, Stylist
Réservation en ligne
"PremiceSoft generates more business for me and saves me time. It's the easiest online booking system I've used. Now that I've started, I wouldn't be able to work without Equinox booking.”
-Danna Trackenberg, Physiotherapist
“Our team loves PremiceSoft booking because it allows us to efficiently coordinate our schedules and resources. We get a clear picture of our business and can analyze it for better use using the insightful reports. »
-John Dycon, Gym Director
Designed for professionals
who bills their time

PremiceSoft is a booking and invoicing software that will allow you
to automate and clarify every aspect of your business management.
With PremiceSoft you will reserve your resources with a single simple and fast operation.


  • Interface with barcode readers,
  • coupon printer,
  • magnetic and RFID card reader
  • Multiple payment
  • Payment by loyalty point
  • Payment by card and gift voucher
  • Freebies follow-up
  • Discount management
  • Tip management
  • Inventory management
  • and more...


  • Link with Shopify
  • In real time with your inventory
  • Image management
  • Real-time billing
  • Link with different payment method
  • And more...


  • Integrated with Leadfox
  • Campaign management
  • Promotion management


  • Product management
  • Service management
  • Management of size and color matrices
  • Bar code management
  • Cost management
  • Physical inventory
  • Promotion management
  • and much more...


  • Renewal report
  • Birthday report
  • End of contract report
  • A multitude of analysis reports
  • exportable as an Excel .csv file
  • Email report for marketing
  • Interface with mail chimp and others
  • Drill down in reports
  • Transfer report to different accounting software,
  • Sage, Acomba, Quickbook and more
  • And more...

  • web management
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Shift management
  • Premium management
  • Schedule management
  • Supervisor management
  • Ringtone management
  • Message management
  • Transfer to Desjardins
  • And more ...


  • By professional
  • By location
  • By department
  • Duo
  • Band
  • and more...


  • Customer details
  • Historical
  • Subscription management
  • Notes to file
  • Loyalty
  • and much more...


  • Possibility to buy online
  • Customize your cards
  • Confirmation by email
  • Transaction and balance tracking
  • Possibility to increase the balance
  • And more...


  • Points management
  • Management report


  • Full integration with your software
  • Possibility to book according to treatments and professionals
  • Customize your site colors
  • Real time booking
  • Customer portal
  • Customer email confirmation
  • Employees have the ability to view their schedule
  • And more...


Allows you to manage custom programs
for your customers, example program in 10
visits, each visit will be deducted from the
customer program.

  • Customize your programs
  • Confirmation by email
  • Transaction and balance tracking
  • Possibility of modification
  • And more...
In a few minutes you will have scheduled your customers.
This management software is particularly complete. It offers appointment scheduling by employee view,
by room or simply by availability and calendars are color coded
so you can read them at a glance.  
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