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Digitech Payments got its start in 2011, when our founders decided to expand their merchant services practice from the United States into Canada. They noticed that although the regulations for payment processing in Canada were favorable for businesses, many merchants didn’t know how to take advantage of them. Without a thorough knowledge of the market, they were paying high fees and hidden costs for outdated point of sale equipment. Or they weren’t even accepting cards. We stepped up to help these companies get the technology and information they need to grow.

Digitech payments has distinguished itself from the competition by adopting values of transparency, education and information.
As a business owner, you make the decisions. So you deserve to know what you’re getting into. Our cost-plus pricing structure is designed to show you exactly how we calculate processing fees for each type of credit and debit card transaction. We believe you should have total visibility on the costs that affect your bottom line.

Showing our merchants what they’re being charged for is how we promise better rates that you can verify yourself.
Interchange Fee + Assessment Fee + Processing Fee = Your payment processing rate
Cost-plus pricing means we calculate payment processing rates for our merchants based on a set of three fixed costs: an interchange fee, an assessment fee, and a processing fee. We never add any additional charges, and when Visa and Mastercard adjust the interchange rates we pass the full difference on to you.

Call us today to have a complete and customized solution.

We always take the time to work with merchants to provide complete customized solutions that maximize their profits. Digitech payments in partnership with us, you could offer users a value-added proposition: a set of services designed to improve your product and meet their needs. If your technology targets a specific industry, such as hosting, hospitality or retail, we will offer solutions tailored to your business model. Providing merchants with a single point of sale and a payment processing setup tailored to their business will help you stand out from the competition.

Sylvain Tremblay
Directeur de compte
Digitech Payments Inc.
c: 514-467-5170
f: 1-800-507-8557
a: 1117 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montréal, QC H3B 1J4   e: sylvain@digitechpayments.com

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