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Golf Courses and Clubhouses

Use our reservation software and your Eagle management system will launch you to new heights when it comes to customer service. It is truly a winning solution for your business.

Reservation management lets you transform and optimize your calendar into a very potent tool. With every reservation, the customer’s file is displayed while you continue to have access to all the customer service functions you need.

Reservation management also provides reporting capability for analyzing how well customer service is performing, for detecting shortfalls as soon as they appear so that they can be addressed in a way that promotes good customer relationships.

Complementary Software
  • Tournament Management Software
  • Eagle Academy Software
  • Eagle Member Management Software
  • Reservation Web
  • Retail Point of Sale
  • Time Clock
Member Management

Complete management of the client file, which allows for an excellent follow-up and professional approach.

  • Client contact information
  • Member management
  • Accounts receivable
  • Encrypted credit card
  • History
  • Subscription management
  • CRM file follow-up
  • Notes to file
  • Member Management
  • Loyalty
  • Customer Price List
  • Access card management
  • And much more…
Point of Sale

With the integrated point of sale module it is easy to follow the reservation until the final billing.

  • Interface with barcode readers, coupon printer, magnetic card reader and RFID
  • Multiple payments
  • Payment by loyalty point
  • Payment by card and gift certificate
  • Follow-up of freebies
  • Discount management
  • Tips management
  • Commission management
  • Inventory management
  • Hotel interface
  • And much more…
  • Supplier order management
  • Management of customer orders
  • Management of size and color matrices
  • Printing of labels
  • Bar code management
  • Management of costs
  • Management of layaway items
  • Physical inventory
  • Management of price lists
  • Promotions management
  • Mix and match management
  • And much more…
Reservations Management
  • Visual input screen
  • Reservation follow-up
  • Visualization of reservations by hole
  • Foursome reservations
  • Tournament reservations
  • Displays number of golfers on the course
  • Color coding for easy reading
  • User personalized display
  • Simultaneous reservations for several courses
  • Link to point of sale
  • Print start tickets
  • Limits on start ticket sales by time
  • Report for the starting official
  • Printing and management of gift certificates
  • Printing and management of corporate tickets
  • Tracking equipment by location
  • And more…
Online Booking
  • Complete integration with your software
  • Possibility to book according to the type of member according to your configuration
  • Customize your site colors
  • Reservation in real time
  • Customer portal
  • Confirmation by customer email
  • Employees have the possibility to view their schedule
  • And more…
Lessons Management

Allows you to manage personalized programs for your clients, e.g. private program in 10 lessons, each visit will be deducted from the client’s program.

  • Customize your programs
  • Confirmation by email
  • Transaction and balance tracking
  • Possibility of modification
  • And more…
Reports and Analysis

All transactions and reservations at your fingertips! View, print and analyze your reports as you wish, transactions and reservations are automatically updated and ready to be analyzed.

  • Address labels
  • Bar code product labels
  • Standard invoices
  • Cash register receipts
  • Start tickets printed
  • Rain checks printed
  • Sales journal analysis
  • Gratuities reports
  • Member, customer and corporate accounts
  • History of gift certificates bought and redeemed
  •  History of corporate tickets and gratuities
  • Customer orders placed and filled
  • Report of cancelled transactions
  • Detailed and summary analysis of sales
  • Reports for starting official
  • List of upcoming tournaments
  • Daily reservations list
  • Draw reservations list
  • List of members by handicap       
  • And more…
Online Store
  • Link with Shopify
  • Real time with your inventory
  • Image management
  • Real time invoicing
  • Link with different payment methods
  • And more…
Gift Cards
  • Possibility to buy online
  • Personalize your cards
  • Email confirmation
  • Transaction and balance tracking
  • Possibility to increase your balance
  • And more…
Gift Certificates
  • Management by number
  • Certificate history
  • Personalize your checks
  • Transaction and balance tracking
  • Possibility to transfer
  • And more…
Time Clock & Schedule Management

With a computerized time clock, there’ll be no more time cards, no more adding hours to time cards, no more transcription errors and no more time wasted on corrections.

Simple and efficient solution for the management of your employees’ time. Simply structure the schedule for the week and the coming weeks. The staff registers their entries and exits on a terminal by a simple touch of the keyboard, on RFID card, fingerprint (biometrics) or a combination of the three technologies and the software compiles the data.

  • Multi-user and multi-location software
  • Web-based management
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • Shift management by department or by employee
  • Management of bonuses
  • Shift management
  • Schedule management
  • Supervisor management
  • Ringtones management
  • Message management
  • Data compiled in real time
  • List of employees in and out
  • Management of break times
  • Management of meal times
  • Rounding to 15 minutes
  • Management of time banks
  • Management of opening and closing hours
  • Management of holidays
  • Adjustment of hours worked according to the schedule
  • Transfer to accounting software
  • Transfer in Xl and CSV format
  • Desjardins transfer
  • Additional module for project management
  • And more…
Time Clock & Schedule Management Reports Module
  • Printing schedules
  • Analysis reports
  • Planned hours vs. hours worked per employee
  • And more…